Be modern and caring buy not thinking about what you eat

February 14, 2011

Don’t even look at it says a fast food nation.

Just buy; feed that hollowness.  Anyone questioning food-based addictions and mindlessness are shunned. Those without straight hair may have a harder time, however.

Case in point: Woody pleads out to 5 instead of 30 years.

Blonds never tamper with food.

[Circa 1966, Jumping Frog]

Happy faces promising success, equality and brotherhood

February 9, 2011

Everything in advertising is chosen very, very carefully but the messenger’s true intentions leak out over time.

I wonder where Floyd Bond is now? I wonder if he still has his 2 stores? His marriage to Geanie?

Ads represent the main channel of intellectual and artistic effort in the modern world.

What happens when the ad makers take over all the popular myths and poetry?

Marshall McLuhan 1911 – 1980

If I told you this full page ad was placed in Ebony magazine, would that surprise you?

[circa 1978: Jumping Frog]

Burger King franchisees use power principles correctly

November 30, 2009

Power only retreats in the face of greater power.

Burger King franchisees know how to run an independent franchisee association. They use tough, no-nonsense actions that defend their supporting members.

Jim Coen is doing an excellent job of running the Dunkin’ Donuts Independent Franchise Owners, DDIFO association and it shows in its website.

He writes in Franchisees Exert Pressure on Burger King Board about the Burger King association (NFA, Inc. ) taking their message directly to the Board of Directors of Burger King.

Elaine Walker reports in the Miami Herald that Burger King’s franchisees say they no longer “trust” or “have confidence” in current management, so they’re going directly to the company’s board of directors with their complaints.

In a letter, the NFA sent this message:

Your management team has pushed the franchise community to the brink,” said the letter signed by 27 franchises, including the NFA board and the heads of 21 regional franchisee associations. “We are taking this extraordinary and historic action to communicate our concerns directly to the board.

This is the first step toward effective action, rooted in economic clout and competent franchisee leadership. It uses power to combat power by questioning the current management’s decision making to their boss: the Board of Directors.

You can be damn sure the franchisees have a rock-solid business case to back up their allegations.

If it doesn’t jingle, It doesn’t count.


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