A Safe place: If you build it, franchisees will come

September 29, 2009

FieldofDreamsSmart franchisees stay in the corn.

The pros only show up when the conditions are right for them to do perform their duty (ie. ask questions, reconcile, lead).

I think it takes about 1 year of a new franchisee group until it gains their trust (legitimacy, real not false hope).

The platform that invokes their appearance best is a Attorneyless Franchisee Network, AFN:

a group of current trademark franchisees whose goal is a relationship not a lawsuit;

patient, education focused, decentralized.

Shrewd franchisees will stay away if an attorney leads.

The safe space starts inside one person’ s head. It forms digitally, quickly transcending (not opposing) Big Franchising (see Adam Smith on commercial Conspiracies). The Tribe is formed when the venom is drawn out in a supportive, therapeutic/health-focused  environment.

Doctors do not judge, they treat the dis-order, acknowledging the pain but administering the appropriate treatments. Leaders assume the patient is a little deranged, not because of their lack of worth as a human being but because of the hidden pathogen (predatory franchising).

It does take faith but when you see healing take place, my goodness: you’ll never forget it.


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