But propaganda can be as blatant as a swastika or as subtle as a joke. Its persuasive techniques are regularly applied by politicians, advertisers, journalists, radio personalities, and others who are interested in influencing human behavior.

I found this site to be especially interesting.

…every day we are bombarded with one persuasive communication after another. These appeals persuade not through the give-and-take of argument and debate, but through the manipulation of symbols and of our most basic human emotions. For better or worse, ours is an age of propaganda.

The author splits Propaganda Analysis into 3 sections:

  1. Words Games: Name-calling, Glittering generalities and Euphemisms
  2. False Connections: Transfer and Testimonial
  3. Special Appeals: Plain Folks, Bandwagon and Fear

Lawyers have become more and more powerful within the franchise industry. Their monopoly on expertise is almost total.

This, to me, is the greatest danger: the transfer of credibility from the government and the law sanctions a thinly veiled scheme of re-distributing (not creating) investor wealth.

BTW:This poster promoted the principle of killing the mentally retarded.

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