Richard Solomon, Esq.

This is perhaps the best posting I have ever read on Blue Mau Mau. You should copy this out because this Texas attorney knows his stuff.

I want everyone to consider that there are legions of mean,
Submitted by RichardSolomon on Mon, 2008/04/28 – 10:04.

nasty, dishonest people out there in franchise land just waiting to tear your heart out.

To me it is less meaningful to be sympathetic to their victims than it is to be tough about putting out a tough message so that people don’t get caught up in touchy feely shit. People need to approach every investment opportunity as a war event, not as some kind person there to help you get rich.

You have no idea how mean and nasty spirited people can be when it comes to a chance to take everything you may have accumulated during your life and leave you bleeding in some gutter.

That’s reality – not all this sympathetic crap. Know your enemy. Your enemy gets into your knickers by pretending he is there to help you.

There are people out there so mean spirited that they actually rejoice in your suffering. They compensate for their own inadequacies as human beings by cheating you. You can’t tell the difference between good and evil in franchise sales techniques. You can’t tell the liars and cheats from the real investment worthy opportunities.

Forget about sympathy. Sympathy will not protect one person from being robbed. A real war attitude can provide protections that your notions of fairness and equity can’t even begin to address.

You address every investment opportunity as an attack upon your assets. No one gets over that wall without being subjected to intense fire. They have to prove – not just say – that they are investment worthy. You don’t know what that proof consists of. If you make investment decisions in franchise opportunities without the assistance of a really tough due diligence resource, you can expect to join the long line of victims who you read about in here every day.–

Richard Solomon,, has over 45 years experience with franchise litigation and crisis management. He is a graduate of The Citadel and The University of Michigan Law School

I have the utmost respect for Solomon’s approach.


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