All franchising franchises franchising.

Think about it.

This is a rip-off of one of Marshall McLuhan’s many great quotes or aphorisms: All advertising advertises advertising. As an English professor he knew a few things about the power of words.

The main ideas of franchising are duplicatability, repeatability and conformity.

  • Notice how much it resembles a machine or a printing press or software.

Franchising is primarily a software program written by specialized commercial lawyers and implemented by franchisors and their interest groups.

The source code and its off switch cannot be accessed by mechanical means. The concrete structures of franchising (bricks & mortar) conceal this fact and our human tendency to rely too much on the visual or concrete that tricks us into believing its permanence.

  • This is why the “solution” to the problems in franchising are not to be found in the experts (ie. sellers, the Law, the Courts, the Legislatures or the Regulators.) These are are obsolete industrial, paper-based technology.

Demonstrating how dead franchising is will be proven by a few contrarians at their PCs scattered around the globe: Those who have had the experience [as TS Eliot would 1/2 say] of being zzzapped.

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