Dead Logos Walking

I founded the Canadian Alliance of Franchise Operators, CAFO in 1998 and killed it off in September 2005. I used to run a website called, too.

I still own the logo [left], the trademark and copyright.

Anyone that would like to use it, by all means, copy and reproduce as much as you want. You may choose to use it selectively but please report back as to its effects.

For some time, I had felt the need to compete with the Canadian Franchise Association, CFA which is the franchisor-only trade association. I guess it is the second oldest in the world, next to to the International Franchise Association in the U.S.

I stopped CAFO when it became apparent that it was being used to give false sense of a franchise investor voice. I’d rather be silent that feed into the misrepresentations, half-truths and silent lies. And these were from the people that claimed to be on the franchisee side [wolf in sheeps’ clothing lawyers].

Clever marketing. Useful for some time, I suppose.

  1. The death will never be acknowledged.
  2. It’ll start with single-unit investors.
  3. Liars believe everyone else lies (so they have lost the capacity to trust even someone who doesn’t).
  4. A hint of the desperation and that the law can only divide [not integrate] is shown when the main course fails to show [see 1 and 2].

Take a listen to St. Leonard of Montreal: Everyone Knows

  • But strictly on a good taste basis: Which logo do you like better?

Let me know.

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