Get Smart. Get Solomon on franchising

Richard Solomon is an experienced U.S. franchise lawyer. His Franchise Remedies website is a very valuable educational resource. Everyone should bookmark it.

Especially spouses.

If you are thinking of investing (as a family) in a franchise, you will want to use Solomon’s FranWhack service. Priceless.

Solomon has several Franchise Fraud Symposium Articles that are just excellent.

Want to know how the lenders try to cover their breaches of lending duty or how franchise agreements create A License to Lie, Cheat & Steal? or how immigrants are targeted in franchising?

Words of wisdom from someone who was there when franchising was just a kid.

Catch Solomon as a regular Blue MauMau contributor (ie. The FranWad Manifesto column and discussion).

Get Smart. Get Solomon.

One Response to Get Smart. Get Solomon on franchising

  1. Carol Cross says:

    As the wife of a failed The UPS Store franchisee, I have been educated by the honest and no BS tutorials of Richard Solomon of Franchise Remedies, the writings and insight of Les Stewart of Franchise Fool, and Paul Steinberg, author of “Beguiling Heresy,” an excellent study of the franchisee-franchisor relationship and the status quo of the law under captured regulatory policy. I also read Canada’s Michael Webster whose own research is dedicated to warning prospective franchisees about the rampant fraud and dangers in the industry of franchising.

    Richard Solomon’s “Fran Whack” is probably the best “due diligence” vehicle in franchising today for those who are about to sign a long-term contract that will change their lives forever. (And, if the odds were known, the odds would not be good that this will be a rewarding change.)

    There IS cooperation in the status quo to hide the very great dangers of
    franchising from franchisees and to promote franchises as a safe solution to “a business of your own” that will provide a job, as well as profits.

    “Fran Whack” is a negative consult only and if there are negatives, Richard Solomon will find them, and then the prospective franchisee can weigh the positives against the negatives and make an “informed” decision.

    Richard Solomon is not altruistic and works both sides of the fence in franchising but I believe that he priced the negative “Fran Whack” at only $1,000 originally with the view that both those prospects who did their own due diligence and those who used their own general attorneys (who were not experts in franchising) would greatly benefit from a “negative” consult before they put their signature to a long-term franchise agreement that could change their lives for the worse, and from which there is little change of recovery. .

    Every prospective franchisee who thinks thay have found an answer to their problems of a job and income needs a negative consult with an expert who will concentrate only on the negatives of the purchase for the purchaser and who has no conflict of interest when assessing the negatives of the purchase. Richard Solomon pointed out that so often a prospect’s own attorney may not be qualified to assess the risk of the investment for his client and that the clients often are not willing to pay for anything other than a “reading” of the “contract” and are not willing to pay their attorney for investigation and vetting of the purchase?

    In franchising, it is very dangerous to “Accentuate the Positive and Eliminate the Negative” —–LET THE BUYER BEWARE!


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