Independent franchisee associations: A requirement for investment

This is an excellent article by Rupert Barkoff on Blue MauMau about independent franchisee associations, IndFA: Franchisee Associations: Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself, Usually.

Very good history lesson. Please note the role of IndFA in working toward fairer purchasing arrangements and the comments, especially TIF who is a franchisor.

  • The easiest way to tell the difference between an IndFA and a lapdog Franchise Advisory Council is the presence of a lawyer who works with the franchise investors.

Michael Webster is a pro in this area.

No IndFA, no buy.

2 Responses to Independent franchisee associations: A requirement for investment

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Since my computer is blocked from the Blue Mau Mau Site, I am not able to read this article on Blue Mau Mau. I am also blocked from the Franchise Pundit Website but currently, I can still get in and out of Franchise Pick. Sean Kelly’s wife suggested that I go on tour and Sean said “as soon as possible” and I’m not sure what that means! Maybe, I will not be welcome on Franchise Pick to continue my march if I continue to fault the FTC for their ineffective regulation and the lie they told the American public when they indicated that the purpose of the Rule was to require franchisors to disclose essential information upon which franchisees could assess the risks and rewards of the franchise and compare it with other investments.

    I thought I read somewhere that the Independent Association of the UPS Store Franchise, known as the Brown Board, was disbanded. Is this true? I think I read this in relationship to something I read about the AAFD? Why, in your opinion, would the Brown Board disband?


  2. Carol, I would be happy to send the article from BMM.

    Les, thanks for the kind words. There are many good attorneys who can assist in the formation of IndFAs, as well as non-attorneys. You were an integral part of the Water Depot IndFA Association coming together, well almost coming together.


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