Be realistic: Expect an AU miracle

I believe that something extremely important will be happening in Australia as a result of their national franchise inquiry.

  • Something that will rock the industry, all-around the world.

I have no insider information nor any special plans. What I think or do is laughably unimportant. Don’t ask me to show a basis for this hunch because I can’t.

  • Tyrannies succeed for some time but they all, in the end, commit suicide.

I have confidence in our Australian former franchisees and allies. Their common sense, patience and fairness will sniff out the not-particularly well-laid out trap.

  1. They, like me, love the public law and are therefore compelled to defend attempts to have it purchased by commercial interests.
  2. Would prefer to abstain from giving the impression of giving credence to knowingly impotent McLaws (boycott dog-and-pony shows), and
  3. Will have no part in cynical influence peddling by franchise law sophists.

The franchise bar increases the NPV of their career future aggregate cash flow by fear mongering their clients [eg. 95% $ from the Fierce Bad Rabbit franchisors].

sophist n. 1 a person who reasons with clever but fallacious arguments 2 (usu. Sophist) Gk Hist. a paid teacher of philosophy and rhetoric, esp. one associated with moral skepticism and specious reasoning

sophism n. 1 a plausible but false argument, esp. one intended to deceive or display ingenuity in reasoning. Wikipedia

sophistry n. 1 the use of intentional deceptive or specious arguments or reasoning: esp. as a dialectic exercise

Canadian Oxford English Dictionary

Wikipedia: Sophism can mean two very different things: In the modern definition, a sophism is a confusing or illogical argument used for deceiving someone. In Ancient Greece, the sophists were a group of teachers of philosophy and rhetoric.

FranchiseFool: legal specialists paid to construct the pretense of investor protection; willing to auction their allegiance to the side that will pay them the most; will offer a “medium” policy solution that they know will be useless in a practical way; deception largely based in what they fail to say (see sins of omission); sl. intellectual whores

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