A Rare and useful Gripe Site model

Anthony’s Franchise Information is a very instructive website for several reasons.

1. It shows how frequently a franchisor will start with one system (3 for 1 Pizza and Wings) and then branch out to other ones (Pizza One, Anthony’s Pizza Uno and Anthony’s Kitchen) once things become a little too “complicated”.

Changing countries and having your mother own the new corporate entities is a nifty way to dodge franchise law obligations. While it may no be legal, it is up to the usually broke future franchisees to prove a wrongdoing has happened. Chance of that happening: slim to none.

2. Just look at the string of Court decisions and unfulfilled awards against Mr. Reza (above, aka Anthony)  Solhi.

There is a lesson to be had here: Go ahead and sue and then try to collect your award. You frequently can’t. Often the assets have left the building way before the always-appealed trial decision is handed down.

3. Notice how there has been national television and newspaper coverage, even with a two part investigative coverage from the award-winning CTV W5 program (Taking your Dough)?

  • Think that a lot of publicity will make the bottom-feeders pay? Think again.
  • Think the “blue chip” systems will give up the slimiest? Think again: They both share the same group of invisible friends.
  • Think if they only knew they’d do something? Think again.

4. Read the Petition Narratives. These all represent new Canadian families that thought Canada was an advanced western democracy that protected its citizens. I hope they realize that all franchises have this potential. These guys were just impatient.

5. This is a very clear, concise and well-documented picture of 1 of the 1,200 franchise systems in Canada. It is only still up on the internet because the franchisor has not funded an aggressive litigation attack on the people that wrote it.

A more reputable or blue chip system would have served papers within 2 days and driven them all into bankruptcy to teach them a lesson. Standard operating procedure when the Franchise Bar runs the industry’s protection racket.

6. I like the inclusion of Known Associates. That name Nigel Mayne rings a bell but I can’t for the life of me remember why. Anybody in cyperspace help me out here?

7. How unwilling the Ontario government is willing to even look at revising the toothless Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000 law. I know of and have met Minister Phillips and he is personally a man of extremely high character. As a cabinet member, however, he must toe the government’s policy.

  • If the Ontario and Canadian government will so blatantly block for the sleaziest of the franchise industry, what makes you think any other country is to do anything other than pay lip service to franchise investors?
  • Political stripe and jurisdiction are immaterial. As individuals, I know politicians and civil servants find defending a turd to be distasteful but they have no choice: It’s about Big Franchising‘s influence.

Franchisees would have to MATCH the combined political clout (investment, jobs) of all the automotive manufacturers, the national grocery chains, petroleum companies, product franchisors, largest law firms, financial institutions, etc. to have a fair fight at a real franchise law.

  • Yes, the truth has some weight. But often power defines what is true in a real politics.
  • The trick is not to give up but to resist in a more effective way.

4 Responses to A Rare and useful Gripe Site model

  1. blain says:

    reza is now operating out of 6767 pacific crcle in misssissauga ontario. try the back door only. say hi for me


  2. Nigel Mayne works with WSI and Matchpoint.


  3. Mayne is a man to avoid unscrupulous with a massive chip on his shoulder
    Uses the umbrella of franchising to rob your savings, had dealings with him and
    Dan Monaghan in Australia years ago


  4. My you all sinners who talk bad about Rez..burn in hell. You all bunch of hypocrites.I love how you nasty haters pointing finger at someone without the real facts..all you do is listen to the jealous enemy telling lies to any idiot that will listen .This men made jobs for people. helped a lot of family’s buy homes n cars..put food on there tables.and this is how they thank him by making lies and making a bussiness men look bad and evil. As far as I’m concerned all you compiling must have some real dark secrets. Like child rapist..alcohols..drug accidacts that live of government cheqs. Meanwhile this men worked 7 days a wk 24/7 a day and this is how they talk about hard working family men. Look at your own live’s and the bad choices and lies you told and still tell everyday. You need to look at yourself in mirror b4 you go pointing fingers at someone else’s life.. so the spot light is not on you..cuz God forbid if anyone founds out that you pay for sex or rape kids and even worst beat your kids. Regardless no one is with out secret..dark evil bad secrets that will bury them. So duck all you low life who think your better then the next men. Your not good God so don’t judge.


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