Is Blue MauMau crooked?

This is a very good question. And I admit I do not know the answer.

Here is a video that proves a description of‘s  stated mission. Take a look at the video an then the site (over some time) and see if they’re “walking the talk”.

I know that I am not in the inner circle of BMM experts and that they converse quite regularly offline.

  • Internet information sharing is a very large concern for Big Franchising. The point men are the Franchise Bar and especially the  self-appointed Alpha Male franchise lawyer.

They are extremely sensitive about their image. Try showing up to one of their trade shows with a national television network film crew. The industry has very long memories and insists on everyone goosestepping to the same beat.

I see no reason why BMM should be given a pass.

There have been other websites before that tried to be independent but found it economically impossible to do so. It’s called being black-balled, folks. Same goes for journalists.

Any questions and it’s called a CLM (career limiting move). The tactics are the same as those used by Big Tobacco.

  • The franchise industry is well-known for punishing anyone that raises too many questions or interferes in any way with their selling efforts (ie. sue advocates into bankruptcy, withhold referrals or destroy careers).
  • On the surface, anyway, this would make BMM Public Enemy #1.

And even if Blue MauMau was doing the staus quo’s bidding (breeds disinformation and confusion, public flogging of irrelevant small-time weasels), does it really matter?

  • My experience is that what is going to happen, is going to happen. The mechanics are bigger than any rear-guard defence strategy.

Either way,  some valuable lessons can be learned but I should caution: The greatest lies are always told in silence.

In big industry new ideas are invited to rear their heads so they can be clobbered at once. The idea department of a big firm is a sort of lab for isolating dangerous viruses.
Marshall McLuhan

People need to think of themselves as unmanaged, independent and free, if they are to be controlled with maximum success.
John Kenneth Galbraith

These capitalists generally act harmoniously and in concert, to fleece the people.
Abraham Lincoln [discharged bankrupt shopkeeper]

3 Responses to Is Blue MauMau crooked?

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Is Blue Mau Mau crooked? I, perhaps, shouldn’t comment on this because I was REMOVED and BLOCKED from posting on Blue Mau Mau or even READING Blue Mau Mau because I insisted on trying to air the problem of the INEFFECTIVE AND DECEIVING disclosure policy of the FTC Rule and the State UFOC/FDD.

    I thought Don of Blue Mau Mau was brought to the subject matter of franchising because of a “friend” who bought a franchise that failed and the franchisee friend wouldn’t have bought the franchise if he had understood that other franchisees had failed, etc…..

    Apparently, Don, like so many, has to try to serve both the franchisor and the franchisee and it is, of course, the franchisors who are going to advertise on his site. Les Stewart and others, like me, who try to expose the ugly nature of franchising for Mom and Pop franchises must not be allowed to infect the process. Perhaps, Don, wants to protect federal regulatory policy because he truly believes it serves the “greater good.” Who knows?

    But, Don has performed a public service in that he does report the ugly events in franchising and the attorneys who post on Blue Mau Mau do share their legal points of view and even case law with the public in an attempt to educate the public, or what? Janet Sparks of the Franchise Times has brought stories to Blue Mau Mau that we wouldn’t be able to read anywhere else.

    Sometimes the “crooked” road leads to the “high – way” I am on Franchise Pick with Sean Kelly, who seems to believe in free speech and, of course, I look in every day on you, Les Stewart.


  2. Les, perhaps BMM is being given a pass because the IFA is the emperor who has no clothes?


  3. franchisefool says:


    That the emperor continues in his belief system after the kiddo speaks to the power of self-delusion but to think story ends after the parade stopped, is just childish thinking.

    Real Power, then and now, rewards insolence with violence based on the theory that people forget what you said but they never forget how you made them feel.

    Historically, competence and self-reliance are hardly ever predictive of any real power. But these Horatio Alger and “knowledge being power” stories have a useful, calming affect on sheep.

    The most likely outcome Andersen’s story is that the child is forced to watch as his parents are slowly tortured to death for treasonous crime (sedition?).

    The orphan is then chained in the village square after having the letter “x” branded on his cheek

    The King never writes any order: his advisers are much too clever to allow that to happen. Everyone knows their roles (pharisee, scribe, executioner, peasant) and supports the hierarchy, mostly because they fear a downward slide (prospect theory).

    That the child retains his life (as short, fetid and painful as it may be) and his tongue (‘Arp!) reinforces in the courtiers of the current administration’s generosity, benevolence and charity. He will live as long as he is a work-producing unit for the “man”.

    This is the likely scenario because if it were let go, it wouldn’t be long until all the loser unwashed were whining about fraud, churning, loan pushing, nailing papers to doors… Or even, [if you can believe the morons] bleeding, universal health care.

    Somefing in a dead language about all tyrannies being the same?

    Yeesh, Michael: Sorry.

    A little too heavy on the charcoal, eh? Must be the federal re-election (re-coronation?) of the former Miss Huronia in my riding that’s getting to me.

    Never mind.


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