Franchising is a Confidence Game

Modern mom and pop franchise marketing has morphed into a Confidence Game.

  • Heading into a worldwide depression is the LAST time to invest in any business opportunity.

If you want to spend 13:31 minutes seeing what it’s all about, click here for 1st clip of the movie called The Grifters. And then here for the 2nd 3:31 clip to see how they Cool the Mark.

John Cusack plays a short con operator (strictly small time). The lovely Annette Bening (the Long Con Roper) is the girlfriend trying to convince him to “graduate” to the Big Con. They’re both On the Grift.

  • Cole plays the Inside Man who stays local, in charge of The Store (franchise head office?) but it doesn’t end up too well for him I’m afraid.

Along the way, you see how the mark (chump, fool, sucker) is parted with his cash.

Short v. Long Con: Technically, the difference between the two is that in the Long Con there is a Send: The Mob (roper, inside man, manager, shills) sends the Chump away to get the cash.

In franchising, this is where the franchisor and/or sales agent/broker/consultant steers the potential franchisee to a specific Wise (on the take) franchise lender. It is through predatory lending practices that fuels franchising’s Long Con (as it did with the U.S. subprime mortgages, BTW).

  • Anything look familiar?

What is not shown in the moveie is how The Fix must be in place with the local police and politicians, way before any serious Long Con is ever attempted.

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