United States of AUS: McTurkeys come to their Senses

Late breaking AUS Franchise news via Blue MauMau.

The International Franchise Association, IFA has instructed the Commonwealth of Australia on which laws they should and should not have.

McTurkeys instinctively renounced their citizenship and assumed the posture most likely to please Big Franchising‘s head office.

In a predictably subtle grasp of international and constitutional legal matters, an unnamed IFA source is quoted in an article called Washington Trade Lobbyist Warns Against Changing Australian Franchise Law), that:

The International Franchise Association, a Washington D.C.-based lobbying group representing mainly franchisors, is warning Australian parliamentarians debating a tightening of the country’s franchise laws that laws requiring registration of franchisor disclosure documents are outdated and burdensome. The organization also warns that recent removal of foreign franchisor exemption will dampen U.S. firms’ interest to expand into Australia.

The IFA, which represents less than 1/3 of U.S. franchise systems, came out firmly in favour of a disclosure regime.

In a related story, when reached for comment on the fact that

  1. the IFA had taken over her law-making authority, and
  2. her former colony would henceforth be called the United States of Australia,

Elizabeth II, the nominal head of state and Sovereign of Australia responded with her characteristic degree of pith:


2 Responses to United States of AUS: McTurkeys come to their Senses

  1. Ray Borradale says:

    It is wrong to mock the inquiry or the Australian political process while an inquiry is underway. You should wait until it is finished where I have no doubt there will be ample opportunity.

    O’Brien and Wright are not the issue. Both are very uncomfortable with all this. They have Stephen Giles (Deacons Lawyers) with his hand firmly up their … shirts working their lips.


  2. franchisefool says:


    I am not casting aspersions on any individuals: I believe, based on franchising public policy history, Big Franchising commands every political stripe and power broker.

    They are impossible to defeat…directly.

    The problem I have is that people think only in terms of resisting in the law making, parliamentary arena. They overly limit their options, thus assuring defeat.

    In that limited, political arena and with using only the same tools as Big Franchising uses, they believe they only have 2 options:
    1. fight or
    2. flee.

    These are are false assumptions that are a continuation of the clever process of Cooling out the Marks in the con game that modern franchising has become. This is The Fix: No one suspects how deep the tap root goes and almost everyone quits administering the electro-convulsive therapy before the depression is cured.

    I use a mental health analogy with great care. I believe the answer has always been inside the alleged victims’ minds. The further paradox is that the key to individual, existential health is in regaining a little used word these days: fraternity.

    There are really effective, low-cost methods that a handful of nimble digital communicators can use to raise awareness and test to see if, what I suspect is a cadaver of an industry, can be given new life.

    Part of socialization that franchising imprints on its participants is a tendency toward helplessness or looking for others to pull your ass out of the fire. I think any thoughtful former franchisee can see how “the others” were drawn using this bait.

    What remains to be seen is whether or not a few can see past their own filters and start to take effective, tangible and, above all else, fun actions.

    Is there any greater joy than lighting a few arrows or throwing an occasional pie in the face of a mindless, faceless, humourless machine?

    Franchising’s great big eye in the sky is watching AUS much more closely than you can ever imagine. There’ll be lots of good stories to tell, in their good time.

    Yes. The scampering of tiny feet and interests are best left to those more inclined.


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