No Big Franchising salary > U.S. president’s

The President of the United States makes $400,000 plus benefits and that seems a fair wage for someone with an MBA.

Until thing get sorted out, all CEOs (private and public) should voluntarily limit their remuneration to that equal or less than $400,000. And no golden parachutes, options or other BS.

That goes for all of Big Franchising‘s CEOs:

  • Franchisors (business format and product),
  • franchise bar,
  • bankers,
  • suppliers,
  • sales agents, and
  • media.

If they don’t want to then there’s only one word for them: jump.


One Response to No Big Franchising salary > U.S. president’s

  1. Carol Cross says:

    I agree! Those who are fighting any restrictions on the pay of new CEO’s of those corporations who will be bailed out want to continue the same practices that got the US where it is today.

    When there is so much money to be had as a CEO, the CEO’s change the landscape and take great risks to make great amounts of money. While all of the special interests helped to create the bubble, the CEO’s of these institutions together with the Federal Reserve and the Regulators bear the greatest blame for the mess that has been created in our economy! Always, it will be the “people” who will pay the price for the ecomomic sins of those who never have “enough” and always want more.


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