Newsflash: Lawyers will squash human rights to protect future earnings

A current Blue MauMau headline seems to scream: ABA Lawyers Teach How to Silence Franchise Blogs.

Ho hum

This is an annual lovefest on the latest and greatest ways to legally protect those that profit from screwing mom and pop business investors around the world (Oct 15 – 17, Austin, TX, USA).

A workshop for franchise attorneys will kick off this week on how franchisors can hush unwanted voices on the Internet. The workshop is entitled “New Media Threats – Responding to Cyber-Attacks” and will be held at the 2008 American Bar Association Forum on Franchising. The Forum on Franchising is an annual meeting in which franchise attorneys gather to discuss developments in franchise law.

And further:

The description of “Workshop 13” is completely and unabashedly concerned with covering up confidential information from franchisees and customers that the franchisor does not want released on the Internet.

With over 95% of the legal fees being paid by franchisors and those that profit from the current form of institutionalized indentured service (in debt bondage), this is freaking news?

  • Sorry, people. Joe Lunch Bucket is way ahead of the alleged experts on this one.

When I asked Lanny (a retired truck driver who was a landscape customer of mine) what he thought of franchising, this is what he said:

It’s a little dodgy, isn’t it?

You’re right, Lanny.

One Response to Newsflash: Lawyers will squash human rights to protect future earnings

  1. Carol Cross says:

    I’m not surprised at all! —just angry! The ABA is not at all shy about the fact that franchise attorneys have captured regulation and the regulators in the US, and their forums are often about new ways to protect the status quo and to combat any possible threats to the superior position of the franchisors in the status quo of the law. They have perfected the use of the law, procedure, and process to defeat franchisees and to silence them. The Internet gives franchisees a voice and this frightens BIG FRANCHISING and the IFA, one in the same, but the ABA will come to the rescue for the right price which those franchisors are always willing to pay. The Franchisors understand that you “get what you pay for.”

    The Internet Sites like Blue Mau Mau and Franchise Pick offer a free speech vehnicle for franchisees whose voices are generally silenced and not heard by the public or the Congress. Franchise Pick took some postings off just today because the poster has been threatened with a SLAPP lawsuit for defamation, and, of course, Sean Kelly of Franchise Pick, can’t take the chance that he will be sued.

    The SLAPP lawsuit is the latest weapon franchisors and their attorneys can use in the war of intimidation and suppression of the truth under the guise that this is “due process of law.” The ABA so often stands for The American Bastards Association but, of course, like they say, there must be some good ones out there —maybe even some good ones that make it to the bench.

    I would hope that Blue Mau Mau who has attorneys like Richard Solomon and Paul Steinberg who post often would take a good look at the SLAPP lawsuit filed against a L&W ex-franchisee who posted on Franchise Pick —- and make comment on this matter. But, of course, they can’t because it no longer appears on the Franchise Pick Unhappy Franchisees website. (As you know, my computer is blocked from the Blue Mau Mau and the Franchise Pundit Sites because of my loud and persistent rants against the FTC and I can neither read nor post on these sites)

    Pretty disgusting state of affairs. Unsafe at any Brand —-this franchising! —-that is supposed to produce jobs that will save the American economy.


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