The Role of Shame

The situation you find yourself in can make you much more vulnerable to authority.

Those that control your environment can be franchisors, lawyers, bankers or even health care professionals. Shame or self-disgust is a very powerful emotion.

Under extreme situations, it is logical to to see extreme behavior.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, 1975

The film’s unauthorized screenplay (by Lawrence Hauben and Bo Goldman) was restructured and adapted from author Ken Kesey’s 1962 popular, best-selling novel of the same name so that it would appeal to contemporary audiences. It won 5 academy awards

Quotes from the film

McMurphy (Jack Nicholson): [when asked about Nurse Ratched] Well, that fucking Nurse, man. She, uh, she ain’t honest.
Dr. Spivey: Oh now, look. Miss Ratched’s one of the finest nurses we’ve got in this institution.
McMurphy: Ha! Well I don’t wanna break up the meeting or nothing, but she’s something of a cunt, ain’t she, Doc?
Dr. Spivey: How do you mean that?

McMurphy: She likes a rigged game, you know what I mean?

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