Franchises bastardize charitable giving

mcdbun1Humans tend to like stories above almost anything else. We have survived by being excellent listener to and stories tellers.

Corporations via public relations and advertising know this and craft very sophisticated messages to have us believe what is in their financial interest.

I am reminded me of this everytime I go through a drive-thru and see the change collection box.

I know that the franchisee and the franchisor will not be contributing one penny to the inevitable cheque presentation for a sick kids’ house or camp or a wish trip to his first hooker.

I bet many people think that the franchises match their customers’ giving.

  • They don’t folks.

Charity is an important human impulse. I don’t like corporations that debase this human coinage. I’ve raised money for all manners of causes since I was 13 years old.

Giving is giving of yourself not buying an extra cookie once a year to send some snotty nosed brat to camp.

Seriously: How pathetic is it that a junk food firm feels compelled to peddle their empty calories in every pediatric hospital?

  • Is nothing sacred?

nazinursingmomThis image is a mid 1930 attempt to get Germans to support the Nazi charity, NSV (Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt or in English: National Socialist People’s Welfare).

The NSV was the official charity of the Third Reich.

This poster is translated as: “Support the assistance program for mothers and children.”

All ideologically-based belief systems use communication archetypes to reach and mold their followers.

Images have a power that text lacks.

Propaganda is defined by the winners.

2 Responses to Franchises bastardize charitable giving

  1. Les, charities are one of the least scrutinized corporations we have. There are a quite a few fake charities, building their names to sound like a more established charity.

    Frankly, we don’t want to look too carefully at any of these institutions. They provide us with a guilt free method of engaging in one side reciprocation, which we mistakenly think will be a benefit to us later down the road.


  2. Les Stewart says:


    I appreciate your perspective but the holy trinity of values (faith, hope & charity) are a heritage that has proven their worth over time to mankind.

    Totalitarian organizations (state or commercial) will use whatever means available to disorient and confuse their constituents.

    I think not differentiating between a House or the Sally Ann is a tremendous disservice to a basic human attempt to reach beyond the present hyper-individualism.

    I think we’re only really beginning to understand the role of things such as the altruism gene and I think charity is an expression of that subtle human need.


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