Call to Arms

This 1930 – 32 poster says Tod der Lüge (Death to Lies).

Marxismus is translated as Marxism-Leninism and Hockfiranz means “high-finance”.

Franchisees are getting up to speed on the reptilian and deceptive nature of modern mom-and-pop franchising in a remarkably quick manner.

Who would have thought that they have the skills required to communicate, organize and trust each other?

Certainly not many people over at Blue MauMau. Still more bile spilled about how stupid, lazy, cheap.. and how much they deserve their fate.

To wit:

People are buying bozo franchises because they are lazy.
Submitted by RichardSolomon on Mon, 2008/11/24 – 10:23.

ignorant and cheap. They are also arrogant in that they think they are smart emough to spot the thieves selling bankruptcy traps disguised as franchises.

There is so much important educational information about how to avoid those traps that is now on the Internet FOR FREE. that only really ignorant, lazy and cheap people end up getting fleeced.

There is no longer an excuse for being a franchise fraud vicitim. If you get taken today, it is your fault.

Richard Solomon,,  has over 45 years experience with franchise litigation and crisis management. He is a graduate of The Citadel and The University of Michigan Law School

If there is any single trait that defines franchising it is the Rule of Lies.

It does take some time for the key fact to sink in but once it does, things will happen quite quickly.

  • Fact: individuals in positions of authority (politics, law, regulation, media, banking) use lies and confusion to maintain the status quo of Big Franchsing.

It will only take a few people who tell themselves: Come hell or high water, I will tell the truth and not lie in silence. Only a few need to choose this narrow path and it’s all over.

Consider it a brain teaser. If you can get your head around it, all of their power over you simply vanishes.

  • If you can’t imagine those in authority lying AND being good individuals at the same time, you are still in your chains.

Children think in black and white ways. Many spiritual practices call individuals to put behind childish ways. Good/bad, up/down limit our perceptions.

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