Is it Heart or Head, above all else?

campbellmoyerCAMPBELL: This thing up here….this consciousness thinks it’s running the shop. It’s a secondary organ. It’s a secondary organ of a total human being. And it must not put itself in control.

It must submit and serve the humanity of the body.

Is the system going to eat you up and relieve you of your humanity? Or are you going to be able to use the system to human purposes?

CAMPBELL: Like Luke Skywalker, not going over but resisting its impersonal claims

MOYER: But I can hear someone out there in the audience…But that isn’t what happens in my own life.

CAMPBELL: You bet it does.

If the person doesn’t listen to the demands of his own spiritual- and heart-life and insists on a certain program, you’re going to have a schizophrenic crack-up. The person has put himself off-centre. He has aligned himself with a programmatic life and it’s not the one the body is interested in at all. But the world is full of people who have stopped listening to themselves.

In my own life, I have had many opportunities to commit myself to a system. And to go with it. And to obey it’s requirements.

My life has been that of a maverick: I would not submit.

CAMPBELL: Our life evokes our character. And you find out more about yourself at you go on. And it’s very nice to be able to put yourself into situations that will evoke your higher nature, rather than your lower.

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