Bhupinder “Bob” Baber

bobbaberIt was two years ago today that Bob Baber, a franchisee entangled in what seemed like an impossible legal mess, went into a bathroom and shot himself.

Janet Sparks of Blue MauMau reminds us and discharges her duties in her usual dignified and professional manner.

Where I’m from, we say je me souviens (I remember) and we mean it.

My thoughts and prayers are with Rattie and her and Bob’s family and friends.

One Response to Bhupinder “Bob” Baber

  1. obbop says:

    Some folks would have pointed the pistol at their enemy/enemies and done the deadly deed instead of pointing it at their self.

    The unholy alliances between big business/corporate entities and government at all levels ensures that the individual is mostly powerless. The tyranny that the Founders warned We, the People about via their writings has enveloped the USA and is destroying their creation. Change is impossible using “the system” since it has been thoroughly corrupted by tyrants and nothing short of revolution or a successful military coup by patriot military officers can alter the harm done.


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