Why are the franchisees that are coming into my office, more stupider?


That is a legitimate concern of all within the franchise bar.

  • It carries with it some troublesome class and cash flow implications.

A franchisor normally requires only two things from a franchisee:

  1. fog a mirror and
  2. sign a cheque.

The franchise bar has a higher standard for the half-baked franchise shlemiel – (Yiddish: a dolt who is a habitual bungler) must have the minimum cognitive ability and requisite cultural background to recognize a superior human being when they are in his presence.

  • …ahh. That would be the guy with the most letters after his name is smarter.
  • And that by being smarter, they are interested in you independently of ability to fund their services.

A few observations:

1. Could it be that our whole society is becoming dumber?  The way I quote Wikipedia may tip the balance on that.

2. Or maybe it’s only that only the less intelligent are becoming franchises these days (watering down the soup). That would suggest a mean intelligence drop. This seems to be confirmed by franchisors whining about not getting high-quality franchise candidates.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong but that would make for smarter non -franchised business owners and employees, wouldn’t it? Not a terrible idea.

3. Or it could be that only the stupidest franchisees are self-selecting NOT to even bother to show up to a franchise lawyer’s office. Once made wise to the scam they drop out entirely or hook up with a savvy, experienced regional commercial lawyers.

This would be reflected in a sampling error on the part of the, “Let’s-impress-by-insulting the class of investors I-appear-to-defend” type of  Wolf-in-Sheep’s Clothing franchise lawyer.

  • the word-on-the-street is that the franchise law game is fixed and
  • by definition, only the most moronic and pathetically delusional even grace a franchise lawyer’s office these days.

4. Could it that franchise lawyers and franchisors are being viewed as two heads on the same body? Franchisors have long behaved as if the maxim There’s a sucker born every minute as an industry maxim.

  • Could rapid and cheap digital information sharing allow any loser Black Swan to pee into franchising’s international pool?

Could a Big Idea such as All franchises are toast travel from obscurity to franchisee conventional wisdom in the blink of an eye because we were 90% of the way to The Tipping Point?

  • Naw…this internet, the tireless The Great Copier of Information in the Sky thing is just a fad.

Corn can’t expect justice from a court composed of chickens. African proverb

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