A: I was a legal shill over at Blue MauMau

Q: Daddy, What did you do during franchising’s Great War of Words in 2008?

  • Rest of Father and Child franchise talk.

Q: Daddy, whats a shill?

A: Honey, I used my education, rhetorical skills and experience to confuse and deceive franchisee advocates in their attempts to improve themselves. I was what was a specialist : a digital apologist.

You lied for a living?

Not directly dear. I presented information on a selective basis [credence good cheater] that I knew would be misinterpreted by naive franchisees: lead them down into blind allies.

We sabotaged the building of trust between former franchisees by playing one off against the other.

So you lied by the things you didn’t say?

That’s right dear. Let’s not forget, this has more than paid for your college tuition. A few deadbeat banner ads could hardly cover any confidence game’s expenses [nut], now could they?

No Daddy, I guess they couldn’t. I love you Daddy.

I love you too.

2 Responses to A: I was a legal shill over at Blue MauMau

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Happy New Year, Les Stewart. The truth rings clear when it is wrung out of rhetoric by truth tellers like Les Stewart who really tells us the TRUTH about franchising and the human comedy and tragedy of dancing with the franchisors who step on more than your feet when you dance to the music that they have composed, written, and patented under the law.

    Does Blue Mau Mau seek the truth or is Blue Mau Mau obscuring the truth with partial truths? Fair question. Who tells the truth about franchising? and for nothing, —–Les Stewart

    Thanks Franchise Fool for holding my hand! Have you had a SLAPP wuit filed against you in 2008? —-or did you make it through the year?



  2. Les Stewart says:


    No litigation in 2008. All the best for 2009 to all yours and everyone else.



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