Royal Bank of Canada puts Fisher through the wall

novascotia3Cape Breton Island is a deeply mysterious land.

The closest I’ve ever been was to see St. Francis Xavier University for my daughter 3 years ago. Gary Stewart, my older brother lived and died in 1972 while working for Michelin tire in New Glasgow.

Paul Fraser is a fisherman in Sydney (top right of Nova Scotia, Canada). He was kind enough to comment on one of my posts.

I think Paul’s 1:55 video and website [] are well worth a look. Consumer boycotts are the cornerstone of resistance.

I encourage Paul to carry on, although I know how difficult it can be. Wrongdoing always means someone talked to someone when they shouldn’t have. Don’t forget rattling the Office of Privacy Commissioner of Canada‘s cage, although the act very much like the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments. If you have the stomach, keep right onto your MP, Minister of Finance and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

Don’t forget the Senate Standing Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce and the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (each party’s Ministry of Finance MP critic, too).

  • Their job is to listen to citizens and we get the type of government we’re willing to settle for.

No wonder Canada is the laughingstock of western nations when it comes to harbouring white-collar crime:

  • they learn just about all they need to know about dirty dealing from their account manager,
  • no national regulator (kudos to the U.S. for catching and jailing Conrad Black),
  • the laziest, colonial-minded elite in the world and
  • lapdog regulators.

If I had a Royal Bank of Canada account, I would close it. I will be referring to this post because the Royal Bank is very active in franchise lending.

I remember, now that you mention it, how the Royal froze my current account when I, in fact, won an injunction against my franchisor, hands down in my home town. That there was no legal basis for doing so did not phase my regional banker one little bit.

  • I like the look of that car!
  • Much more dissent needs to show up on YouTube.

A franchise or banker dissent channel is absolutely in order!

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