One franchise system, One Franchisee Weblog

handshakeOne day, each trademark system will have one volunteer franchisee weblog.

  • At least one.
  • Many if there is a desire.
  • One per nation.

Franchisees will come onto the blog(s) and start their conversation. They will tell their stories so everyone can come to the internet and learn about their experiences.

They will:

  1. offer apprenticeship positions for candidate investors (assume training function),
  2. post anonymously, if they like,
  3. never ban anyone (for any reason),
  4. list each executive’s name and rate them,
  5. arrange and profit from their own financial suppliers,
  6. conduct their own cost accounting so that they can trust (but verify) what their franchisor says,
  7. provide partner information sharing (before, during and after),
  8. share legal and expert opinions equitably,
  9. advertise and sell any exiting franchisees,
  10. verify exiting franchisees’ income statements to the candidate peers,
  11. investigate common interests via online surveys,
  12. realize that their competitor franchisee is a much better friend than their franchisor will ever be and
  13. will realize that through co-operative buying (within their trademark and even among their “competitors”), they will cut their hidden “franchise tax” by 50%.

Franchisees will learn to share information with people that have proven trustworthy. They’re giving away blogs for free these days. And they never hammer them shut.

If franchisees can’t do it, their spouses will. Franchisors cannot deal with a strong feminine presence. Their lies drop like stones.

Their only response is vulgarity and hatred.

One Response to One franchise system, One Franchisee Weblog

  1. Jeff Lefler says:

    To all franchisees; take this idea and run with it. You’ll be amazed at what happens when you think outside the box. Most franchisors live, breathe and act within four tiny walls.

    The ability to share and communicate within your franchise group or with a larger body of franchisees is the most valuable tool you will ever own. And it’s free. All it takes to start is 5 minutes and some typing skills.

    Thanks Les


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