Brother fools

chapmanI met Graham Chapman in 1978 in London, Ontario.

He was at the University of Western Ontario in a one-person lecture series. There was a huge snowstorm that night which meant that only about 20 die-hard fans were in the crowd.

He treated every star-struck questioner with tremendous respect and generosity. I was impressed, to say the least.

I have always admired grace during difficult times. John Cleese demonstrates an appropriate response to loss: empathy, fraternity and action.

— The pilot sketch.

2 Responses to Brother fools

  1. Cecily AKA 'Eric the Fruit Bat' says:

    Wow, you met Graham Chapman. He’s my favorite Python. I read in a Terry Gilliam interview somewhere that he was destructive in his personal life, but that he was also a very generous selfless man. I wish I would have met his too. Although, I’m not certain if I would have been able to ask questions. I may have just sat there awed. 😀


  2. Les Stewart says:

    Cecily, Just a great memory. Chapman was a qualified doctor and an integral part of Python’s brilliance, I think. Tortured and self-destructive, yes.

    While there’s nothing romantic about that, his humanity is evident well past his life.


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