Vendmax & Your Candy Company: Coming to a City near You

vendmaxbigIn a previous posting today, I drew everyone’s attention to an ad that appeared in today’s Toronto Star.

It identified itself as Sip-N-Snack and claimed three things:

  1. Attracts Customers Like a Powerful Magnet!
  2. Now Launching in the GTA!
  3. Takes only one day a month
  4. Over $75,000 Annual Potential
  5. Including Locations from $16, 995! and
  6. Free Brochure 1-866-622-8722

Now click to this Vancouver Sun/The Province newspaper .pdf. Look at bottom left corner advertisement. Notice anything similar in this October 22, 2003 ad?

This ad identifies itself as Vendamax and Your Candy Company:

  1. Attracts Customers Like a Powerful Magnet! [same]
  2. Coming to Vancouver & Vicinity, [new city]
  3. Less than 2 hours per week (1 day per month?), [same]
  4. $40,000 Annual Potential [$75k in 2009]
  5. Locations included…$14,995 to get started, and [$16, 995, locations included]
  6. Free Brochure 1-866-622-8722 [same offer and telephone number]

I wonder how the investors in British Columbia made out with Vendmax and Your Candy Company? I wonder why a successful franchisor like this would want to change their company (specifically not mentioning the Vendmax name) but not bother changing the marketing?

Vendmax’s website: lists Tom Semeniuk as president, Barry Sobovitch, and Buffy Babb. Notice the heavy reliance on the Better Business Bureau. Fastest growing.

NOTE: An ad wanting to sell 5o machines for $100 each.

Your Candy Company: seems to have a South African connection, FAQs.

3 Responses to Vendmax & Your Candy Company: Coming to a City near You

  1. Neeraj Kumar says:

    Can somebody let us know whether this is a genuine company. This company had participated in a exhibition in New Delhi and is offering to sell candy vending machines to us. The cost of 20 such machines is US$ 12995 + Customs Duty @ 24%. They are offering lifetime (actually 12 years) guarantee and insurance on these machines I would like to inquire whether this company is genuine company and for how long they are in existence and whether they have infrastructure and financial strength to provide customer support to us for this long period of 12 years.


  2. Les Stewart says:

    Anyone can respond to this and I will forward the comments on confidentially and anonymously, if you want.



  3. Thai couple says:

    Do not make any business deal with Vendmax! My husband and I purchased 45 machines from them. They were very sweet during our payment period. However, after we had made our full payment, they disappeared in the air. They promised to pay customs tax and ALL charges until the machines arrived. However, we and other dealers are the ones who have been handled all these.

    We pray to God that you have decided to stay away from Vendmax.


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