Free internet information sharing

Understanding franchising on the internet is very difficult because there is too much sales puffery and too little indexing.

John Johnson and I think we have way to explain franchising through media articles that have already been published. We’ve put 1,600 of them up on a wiki so that you can start to see patterns.

WikidFranchise (both good and not so) is free now and will always be. It is run for franchisees by franchisees. It is powerful, deceptively complex but still very accessible. It is the true face of franchising’s future and the logical next step in Franchising Web 2.0.

To Do:

Go to

Click through the tag cloud of tradenames

Use the search button (name, geography, author)

Search using Risks category on bottom of every document (more work to do)

See some articles we missed? Great

  • Drop us a line and see how you can help.

We need national volunteer editors.

One Response to Free internet information sharing

  1. brad says:

    great idea!


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