WSJ Franchising Review:

Thanks to Richard Gibson at the Wall Street Journal for his mention of, the franchise industry’s first wiki that I edit.wallstreetjournal

In an article entitled Blogs Provide Insight to Would-Be Franchisees, Gibson gives a thumbs-up review, I thought: Among the newest franchise sites — it was launched earlier this month — is, a takeoff on the popular Wikipedia concept. The site invites contributions from franchisees on their experiences. One recent entry recounted a Maryland couple’s marathon dispute with a coffee-shop franchiser.

The site, which is updated daily, features a convenient search capability by franchise brand. A search under “Burger King,” for instance, turned up more than 60 items, some from as far back as 2001.

I agree with Don over at Blue MauMau when he said in Blogs Provide Insight to Franchisee Wannabees that the subheading to the article was very appropriate:

Sites Offer News, Comments, Updates on the Happenings at Other Businesses; Complaints Are Welcome Too

WikidFranchise provides a safe, unbiased environment for franchisees’ stories. With your story and your help, it can only become better.

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