Franchising Burning: How to deal with Bullies

missiissippiburningDid I mention that I think Gene Hackman is a genius?

I do not universally like or dislike any side in any disagreement. I simply oppose abuse, bullying and stupidity. I refuse to allow myself to be bullied and I extend that courtesy to others.

U.S. labour law should be decided by citizens of the United States, not some fictional person called a corporation or their paid talking heads.

I have all the confidence that they can see through any fear mongering having to do with the Employee Free Choice Act.

REVISED: Why are these videos leaving YouTube? This trailer (Frank: “wringing a cat’s neck”) will give you the flavour.


Anderson: How ’bout you Deputy? How you with wringing necks, huh?

Deputy Pell:  Just keep pushin’ me, Hoover boy.

Frank Bailey: Now you get this straight, you cornhole fucker. You tell your queer-assed  nigger bosses up north that they ain’t never gonna find them civil rightsers down here. So you might as well pack up your bags and head you ass on back up north, back where you belong. Wake up…

Anderson: Now you get this straight, shitkicker. Don’t you go mistakin’ me for some whole other body. You got to have brains in  your dick if you think we’re gonna just gonna fade away. We’re gonna be here ’till this thing is finished.

How ’bout you, Deputy. Is that gun of yours just for show or do you get to shoot people once in a while?  Thanks for the beer.

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