Don’t name your franchisee group after your Daddy


It’s just boring.

And a franchisee’s life is a lot of things but very frequently, boring is not one of those things

Franchisees often show zero insight into their group’s primary function (creating trust, building fraternity, co-operating) when they name their groups.

Not only do they frequently use the tradename that their franchisor owns (a bloody minefield, mate) they try to cozy up to Big Daddy Franchisor (the wise, June-loving and benevolent Ward Cleaver in this example) by a using a pseudo-corporate handle that means as little as The Suits would choose.

  • Why not name it “Bob” or “Waldo” or “13”?

At least these reflect some originality and certain independent thought processes. Think what the white guys would do and don’t do the opposite: do something that is neither this or that.

  • Try to stand out, ok?
  • You’re kind of in the freedom business: Why not use your freedom to not tweak anyone’s nose but to support each other?
  • The name is just for the franchisees’ use anyway and they’ll abbreviate it almost immediately to suit their needs anyway.

JK: A franchisee leader’s job is to throw out the toys in the franchisee group’s junior kindergarten classroom and see what everyone wants to play with.

  1. Do they like blogs? Blogs it is.
  2. Regional/national meetings? Those can be good.
  3. Equity within co-op buying?
  4. How about YouTube videos? Got those too.
  5. Entries on Okay.
  6. A facebook page? Promotional items?
  7. Twitter?

The name is just the frame on the picture. It’s the activities (and the goodwill that is created) that will make or break any not for-profit social club. Not the Brand in capital letters.

Don’t get me wrong: A brand and communication expert is critical to a LFN success. They just have to be so good that they know which rules to break when they’re dealing with the Davids (and not setting up bait for the Goliaths).

For an example watch this branding problem video dressed up in 1st century Rome. Notice how ridiculous a guerrilla cell (which is the organizational equivalent of a leaderless franchisee network, btw) looks if they name themselves in a phoney baloney way.

Don’t try to out-Roman the Roman empire.

Now a logo with the PFJ might have some legs. And splitter groups are more than welcomed.

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