People forget immediately what you tell them: They’ll never forget how you made them feel

GulliverPeople think that small business is mostly about money.

  • Wrong. Wrong. And then Wrong again.

It isn’t and it’s never been about that and only fools believe that and  operate that way. I should know because I lead that foolish parade when I was younger.

As a younger man, I was always looking out for what others could do for me. I thought what was important was to develop your leadership skills (command: top-down), drive yourself and others hard as hell and then wait collect the cash and laurels.

That maybe good for other people but hanging around franchisees has spoiled my “career” plans for good. You all know who the hell you are but it started with McTed and Liz in 1972 and an Ivey MBA’ll give you a snootful of crack ambition.

Groups run on trust like a car runs on gas. Trust needs to be earned by an executive and his/her advisors. Trust consistently accumulated by under-promising and over-delivering will win the hearts of every thinking franchisee within a system. The rest, Who wants to babysit them anyways?

  • The more cynical, wary, SOB a franchisee is, the better I like them.
  • It takes me precisely 30 seconds for me to relate to total strangers.
  • I relate because of a shared desire for a dignified life.

Being nickel and dimed to death, constantly driven to distraction by morons at head office, being treated as a employee, babysitting the newest field flunky…all of these things wear a person down.  It’s what grinds you down, what makes you into a zombie human being in all aspects of your life.

Ever wonder why there are so many divorces around you? Franchising is a technology that influences your CPU. It’s like a never-ending and -mutating email virus planted in your ear which screws up all  your significant relationships. It isn’t designed to do that directly but any software written on an operating system of control, power and authority has that effect on the psyche.  It can’t shake it’s fascist, top-down, triangulated origins.

Leadership Challenge: People need to know that you care first. And then maybe they’ll give a shit how much you know.

Groups of franchisees are groups of people first and businesspeople second. Build trust and then use that goodwill as a tool to secure your economics. You can’t do it for-profit first. People (husbands, wives and children) see through that illusion.

  1. You work to live or
  2. You’re a franchisor (or aspire to be just like one).

Smart franchisee groups should be structured as circles primarily, not phoney-baloney triangles.

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