franchise Prose and Poetry: Two means to a dignified end

HeartMindWhat kind of gibberish is that fool Stewart spouting-off now?

I appreciate that I use language in a different way than many industry observers.

I do that to break through the incessant, mind-numbing static in franchising. Buy, buy, buy, buy…seems to be the only message grinded out.

I’d like to thank Paul Steinberg over at Blue MauMau for drawing people’s attention toward this last year.

In business, everyone is accustomed to a literal, fact-based means of communication. That style is called prose. It is “head-based”, logical.

prose n 1 the ordinary form of the written or spoken language 2 a passage of prose, esp. for translation into a foreign language 3 a dull or commonplace speech, writing, etc…

Sometimes I move away and write in a form of poetry. Poetry is “heart-based”.

poetry n 1a the expression or embodiment of beautiful or elevated thought, imagination or feeling in language and a form adapted to stir the imagination and the emotions

Let’s repeat that: …in a language and a form adapted to stir the imagination…

  • This is precisely what I am trying to do.

Prose  works through logic, 1+1=2. Poetry through emotion, both base (anger, fear, revenge) and higher order (justice, freedom, fraternity, longing). Both routes are valid but poetry is the much less common one. Poetry can be written to strum the reader’s heartstrings.

My experience is that franchisees have their imagination drummed out of them very quickly. Sometimes, just like a cult, they are so busy, busy, busy that they have no time for reflection and become incapable of helping themselves. Someone who is helpless has zero de facto rights because they have been socialized into passivity.

I use poetry and the related arts (see why I reference YouTube music videos?) to try to invoke imagination which starts to heal the learned helplessness that I see so many franchisees and their families suffering from.

Poetry and prose are different means to the same end: improved individual freedom as a product of triggering an internal imaginative response.

Franchisees can only be free if they, in their gut, when they resolve to:

  1. refuse to be degraded by any one anymore AND
  2. refuse to degrade anyone else (including your “Enemy”) in their quest for dignity.

You can do 1. in your head an pay lip-service. That challenge (in every aspect of your life) is 2.: raising yourself up by not pushing someone else down.

These are the laws, universally applied somehow.

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