The internet is now franchising’s Eye of Providence

GreatSealUSThere are three eras in the franchise industry:

  1. Founding: Collaborative, pioneer, co-operative, childhood. Dave Thomas, Harlan Sanders.
  2. Dark Ages: Litigation/contract, early adulthood. Zero:sum. Paper-, tort-based. Rigid.
  3. Internet: Balanced renewal. Growing the pie larger. Adaptable. Mature.

We have been seeing a secular Eye of Providence developing in the franchise industry that heralds a new industry order.

Franchising has grown exceptionally powerful from its proprietary software (rules, commands, franchise bar-to-franchisor). However, this structure is antiquated, not because it is immoral or unjust, but because a communication medium has shown up that displaces it.

  • The surest test is when an anonymous franchisee starts a weblog where there is no retaliation possible.

The internet, which is based on free information sharing, marks the end of franchising’s Dark Ages.

I believe Eras 1 and 3 reflects many of the ideals that were integrated into The Great Seal of the United States (reverse above).

  • annuit coeptis: Providence favors this undertaking
  • novus ordo seclorum: beginning of the new American era

The pyramid remains unfinished, not cut off.

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