Advertising and franchising together: A technology of persuasion?

MemoryModelA quick model.

It maybe simplistic considering the improvements in cognitive psychology in the last 50 years, but I think it will do.

Humans remember by:

  1. perceiving a situation,
  2. via ears, eyes, etc. (not perfect)
  3. into sensory memory (which is leaky) where,
  4. that impression is noticed or ignored (filtered selectively), then arriving
  5. into short term memory which is displaced, decayed, is acted upon or (some of it) and is encoded (imperfectly) into
  6. long-term memory which can be recalled (retrieved) but only
  7. imperfectly, depending on many factors as we’ll find out.

Do you notice how many areas of influence are available to manage our learning and memory processes?

We tend to think of ourselves as biological robots videotaping our lives in perfect accuracy, with 100% flawless memory, especially when we are young.

Human learning is an extremely complex and susceptible to outside influences: most irrelevant or benign, some not so.

I think:

These are critical concepts because they form a logical way of understanding how we learn and remember about our world.

Modern advertising and marketing use an advanced understanding of psychology, every day for commercial purposes.

First-time business owners are unaware and unskilled in this science of persuasion and the industry’s subsequent memory management techniques.

  • I believe franchising and advertising use the same science or technology in their processes and goals .

This may seem a little “out there” but, in your gut, how close do you think Northrop Frye got to this analogy (advertising is like franchising):

Advertising – a judicious mixture of flattery and threats.


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