Blue MauMau returns false First Opinions

SecondOpinionBlueMauMauBlue MauMau is like a laboratory that provides knowingly inaccurate readings.

How a problem is framed influences very much the potential treatment and outcome. Humans anchor on a conclusion, often inaccurately and that can be used against them.

The cheapest form of dispute resolution is to plant the seeds of hopelessness early on.

I have tried to provide honest reviews personally, here and at in the last 11 years.

I cannot say the same for Blue MauMau (BMM) anymore.

I was absolutely pleased by the range of and depth of discussion at first on BMM. It seemed to offer real hope for a forum of real change.

Over time, I had a gut feeling that things were not what they appeared. I have contributed less and less over time as my private concerns grew.

I first asked on FranchiseFool, Is Blue MauMau Crooked? in September 2008.

  • Curiously, no one from BMM (let alone Don himself) ever asked me why or attempted any defense.
  • I’ve never been afraid of an open debate and have always returned every BMM telephone call I ever received.
  • I found the BMM lack of interest in to be noteworthy also. Dick Gibson from the Wall Street Journal reviewed it but BMM found it irrelevant?

The purpose of BMM is to confuse and misdirect the real causes of franchise failure.  Some directly (Dale Nabors, Bob Frankman, GBeany) shout down any new ideas on a digital platform while others act as apologists. The “blame the victim” mantra is unimaginative. The false near-religion that “pre-sale due diligence can look forward enough to predict and prevent franchisor opportunism” is an insult to any thinking former franchisee.

At best, the attorneys are silent when directly questioned. All three of them don’t seem to have their heart in it anymore.

BTW: Saying that you cannot earn legal fees in a certain jurisdiciton and are therefore somehow less biased is a moronic argument which is notable for its lack of assurance that: I receive $0 for any views or efforts made associated with BMM. What they offering is not legal opinions at all: a legal relationship (fiduciary duty, solicitor:client) does not and cannot exist because their is no contract between the internet reader and the lawyer.

The result is a thin gruel of half-truths, faulty rhetoric, thought-terminating clichés, and political science, served up to cool out the marks by producing a “hopeless situation“: for both individuals and groups of investors.

In big industry new ideas are invited to rear their heads so they can be clobbered at once. The idea department of a big firm is a sort of lab for isolating dangerous viruses. Marshall McLuhan

Maybe the originator of the phrase global village may know a thing or two about how technology is resisted by a dinosaur industry and the profitable delay by its social media contractors.

It is certainly not the first activity that has been captured by a U.S. $1-trillion industry that defends itself by any means available. But I may be entirely wrong in my conclusion that BMM is a digital house negro.

I am happy to debate anyone, anytime, in any credible forum.

I’ll let you know…

4 Responses to Blue MauMau returns false First Opinions

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Is Blue MauMau crooked? What is Blue MauMau really about? I admit that I don’t really know. It was you, Les Stewart, who introduced me to Blue Mau Mau a few years ago. I remember what a comfort it was to me to talk to another human being who recognized my pain, anger, and despair, and who would talk about the ugliness of franchising in real terms.

    I have been blocked many times from Blue Mau Mau and presently I have NO ACCESS to this website, evidently because I lobby on the Internet for effective regulation and try to reveal the “red herring” –the FTC Rule —and the stacked deck in the courts, for what it is. My message is unwelcome on Blue Mau Mau and they silence my message by denying me access to post my opinion or even to read Blue Mau Mau. Apparently, my opinion makes the majoity uncomfortable.

    Don, apparently, has compromised with the ugly status quo and the attorneys who post on Blue Mau Mau work within the status quo. While the attorneys admit that regulation is ineffective and won’t protect franchisees, they won’t or can’t go so far as to indicate that federal regulation is now, and always was, all about protecting franchisors from franchisees’ charges of common law fraud in the state courts.

    If it is true that “the truth will out” we will both be vindicated and forums that are rigged will be exposed. “The “blame the victim” mantra may be unimaginative and the “false near-religion that “pre-sale due diligence can look forward enough to predict and pevent franchisor opportunism” is dishonest. But! those who are complicit in providing “fraud insurance” to the franchisors have to hang their hats on something that makes them feel better about their complicity in promulgating and protecting this ugly public policy that is unworthy of a great democratic Republic, like the United States of America.

    You do good work, Les Stewart!


  2. Les Stewart says:


    I guess only time will tell.

    I do sense, however, that whatever any of us do, it will not really matter much. All things and empires must pass away and all attempts to postpone them just create more pain.

    Take care and enjoy the sunshine (after much July rain).



  3. Burned by BMM says:

    Blue Mau Mau is definitely crooked, or at BEST “slanted” to one side, AGAINST franchises. They say they are a website for discussion and information, but its mostly a venue for folks to vent against franchises they don’t like. One particular company, a few individuals took advantage of the forum to spread lies and exaggerations, all the while trying to appear that they were a large group of dissatisfied members when in reality, were merely one or possibly two. The company found about the website, tried to post positive comments and quotes from numerous real franchisees. Blue Mau Mau deleted 90% of the positive posts and then locked out the forum leaving a very negative slanted version of the postings. Blue Mau is nothing but a chop shop. I have no use for them.


  4. Les Stewart says:

    I have no first-hand knowledge, one way or the other. I would imagine that I am not on anyone’s first tier Christmas card list, though.


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