Is there anything worse than economic poverty?

HappyPoorPeopleOkay, let’s just say you lose it all.

All the money is gone and every relationship seems to out of alignment.

Stuff happens.

You used to be able to but you can’t:

  1. pay your mortgage,
  2. pay for your kids education,
  3. maybe pay for health care coverage, and
  4. consume what you used to be able to.

What do you do now or more precisely How much worse can it get?

That is a very good question and one that you might want to consider any time.

Let’s take an inventory. I have my:

  1. marriage (25 years in 2009),
  2. great relationships with my children,
  3. a challenging, raucous, and ever-vigilant extended family,
  4. a small group of intimate friends and a large group of brothers,
  5. sustainable physical, mental and spiritual health,
  6. exceptional education and life experiences,
  7. an improving capacity to financially support my family, and
  8. work that has deep, profoundly gratifying returns to me.

When I look around, I’m a very lucky guy.

And when I look at the list now, those assets were there before, during and are certainly there after the tempest. I just forgot about them for awhile, that’s all. It’s easy to take for granted these gifts.

I went through a fire and became hardened. I have the feeling of moving along a path, very much alone but with some very sharp companions, just there in the thicket, out of sight. A weird idea, I know.

To me, yes, there’s lots of things worse than economic poverty.

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