Survey Says: Franchise management is an increasingingly Deskilled trade

BiasedSurveysWho you going to trust?

Bias can be introduced into almost any activity.

Franchisors should be concerned with their franchisees’ attitudes. After all, they’re the ones closest to the people that pay everybody’s salaries: the end customer.


Yes. Normally.

Franchising can become not too outward, service focused. Management can, if not careful, over time treat franchisees with not just indifference by wholesale contempt.

Only a seriously out-of-touch team would force any franchisee to fill out a survey, supervise them as if they were children or imply any penalties for failing to do so.

The sad fact is that franchisors can threaten, threaten and threaten for decades (it seems) without any consequences.

Only at the end of their career or when franchises revolt,  do they see that ultra-short thinking come with a price. D’oh.

Franchisees don’t start but quickly are taught to be a skeptical bunch. Doofus mid-level grunts (many of them long gone as ex-employees) create that stereotype. You’d think that well-educated senior managers would be smarter than that.

Management skill is like a physical muscle: use it or lose it.

Franchisees must be patient as managers are replaced with ones that have the life experience and intellectual and emotional capacity to cope with such a sophisticated commercial relationship such as franchising.  I think the real change occurs in the 3rd to 5th year of any Attorneyless Franchisee Network, AFN.

It’s worth the wait, I assure you.

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: ‘O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it.


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