Human v. Business values: Designing a more profitable slaughter system

MoneyBLindThis all makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

The business goal is to produce as high quality a product, while spending the least amount of money. Very narrow. Very specialized. Only quantifiable benefits or cost enter into the business decisions.

By using knowledge (Dr. Grandin’s animal psychology research), investments in new handling equipment and training pay off to the owners of the meat packing business.

As far as as the businessman sees, the animals lack of suffering not good or bad. It’s simply not relevant. He is blind to anything beyond an income statement.

This is the businessman’s psychology. He is blind to non-cash flow considerations.

Dr. Grandin‘s  unusually high-functioning autistic abilities gives us a 100% honest and sincere view into her specific expertise. How her brilliance is taken and used by business is another matter.

Harvesting life savings can be done in the same way.

Franchise veterans know they’ve through a process for sake of other people’s profit taking. But they lack an understanding of how which is extremely important in human psychology.

All franchise relationships are much more the same than they are different. Some just travel faster along the franchisee restraint conveyor than others. Success or failure is only relevant with franchises purchased today and viewed over a specific time period. You will make money to some degree even if it’s trading dollars in for dollars out. Not the business you had envisioned but, hey, buyer beware. Right?

The rest of the industry bullshit is just used to conceal your beefs.

The systemic design features of the franchising relationship/experience has been hidden until recently.

They reside clearly in the relationship section in

For those with eyes to see.

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