Franchise Bar: The Name of the Game is Shame


Bad dog.

Filthy animal.

Shame dis-ables franchisees.

It breeds a cluster of behaviours that is inaccurately categorized as depression.

The affect of shame – humiliation disables their defences, confuses them and makes them appear to others (and themselves) as stupid, grim and uneducated: a lower caste.

My observation is that shame is the primary driver in modern, mom-pop franchising today. It is its strength and its downfall.

All addictions are either killed by those that benefit from them in the short-term. Or they kill the addicted host.

Dispute Resolution: Within a franchise, franchisors trigger this emotion on the individual level. When franchisees ask questions and surface to the public policy areas, the associations and their franchise bar takes over that shaming exercise. Of course, the cannon fodder lawyers (ie. Tier 2 intellectuals, overly-ambitious and -trusting) are sent into the parliamentarian No-Man’s-Land.

The franchise bar and their leaders are the engineers of this very high cash flow shame – silencing game.

Franchisees: Be Attentive.

  1. The start for individual healing is identifying their depression as shame in drag and seeking out those that have gone through it. It helps with the isolation and sweeps away the confusion and deceit. Listen. Laugh. Live again.
  2. Maybe looking at the Compass of Shame with your partner?
  3. Always, always, always report in with the only true franchise professional: your family medical doctor.

Leave franchising to devour itself. There’s lots of interior work and other-centred work to do.

The worm will commit suicide just like every other totalitarian empire has despite the illusion of strength of its tin-pot tyrants.

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