Solomon on flavours of Organized Crime

RichardSolomonRichard Solomon is a dangerous man.

In a Blue MauMau October 13th comment called There is more than one Mafia, Solomon poses these questions:

  1. Do you people really believe you are not dealing with organized crime?
  2. Do you really believe every organized gangster dresses outlandishly and eats spaghetti all day?
  3. Do you think that organized crime needs goons with guns to come around and shoot your children?
  4. Is it possible that you are all that stupid?

The same questions crossed my mind as I lifted the rock on 3 for1 Pizza and Wings to discover they collected royalty fees — in person — each week — in cash.

Solomon goes on to describe a much more sophisticated predatory life form:

The other Mafia is Anglo Saxon Protestant or worse; wears very conservative tailor made suits; went to all the best schools; has a daddy who set him up so well that he could hire lower orders to do his dirty work; lawyers and contracts instead of guns; and professional managers instead of button men.

Judging by methods and results, can you honestly distinguish between Tony Soprano and  Rick Schaden or Mitt Romney (Bain Capital)? Are you experiencing a more pleasant life under Mitt the Shit than you would under Tony Soprano?

Solomon “Get real, people!”

Pure Solomon.

Pure wisdom.

2 Responses to Solomon on flavours of Organized Crime

  1. Carol Cross says:

    I miss reading Richard Solomon on Blue Mau Mau —I’m still blocked from reading or commenting. I have read all of Richard Solomon’s tutorials on his website and the clever writings of the wise, witty, funny, and sometimes smutty Seamus Muldoon. Richard’s knowledge of human nature and the law and his willingness to share his observations with the public is highly commendable. He is definitely “one of a kind!” I learned so much from him and you, Les!

    Richard just can’t stop from telling the truth about “white collar” crime and is courageous in his comments. The “Mitt the Shit” comment drew me to reading about Bain Capital and the history of the Bain fund and Mr. Romney’s illustrious career.

    Whether Mormon, Jew, Wasp, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.. the love of money and profits trumps all principle and it is the Will of one’s Board, and not the Will of one’s God that rules the day.

    Of course the “white collar” criminals have captured law, process, and procedure and do use their contracts as guns that remain safe from gun control — and well oiled by the courts.


  2. Carol Cross says:

    Congratulations to Richard Solomon of Franchise Remedies for his courageous comments on “white collar” crime in the franchise industry and elsewhere.

    You can count on Richard to “call a spade a spade” and a “shit a shit” with no view or worry about making enemies in powerful camps within the power structure. His Texas size ego and intelligence and wit is always a joy to behold.


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