Welcome to Ontario Food, Inc.

SankeAppleWhat we put in our bodies is important.

Monopoly profits should not be the only criteria.

More and cheaper is not sustainable.

Pirates make someone else pay for their plunder.

  • Want the truth? Ask a farmer.

The industrial food complex uses franchising as a means to produce, distribute and sell a rapidly declining quality product.

I will be sharing stories about the grocery industry in Ontario and Canada.

Some topics people talk to me are:

  1. food safety (malicious food tampering),
  2. less nutrition,
  3. 100 Mile Diets,
  4. the role of the franchise bar,
  5. suppliers’ inability to get shelf space,
  6. corporate concentration (all in the families),
  7. kickbacks, allowances, payola,
  8. higher cost + smaller variety,
  9. regulatory capture of government,

I encourage anyone with grocery industry experience to keep an eye on FranchiseFool. Why not comment or send along a guest (anonymous) article? I’ll post it here and on WikiFranchise.org.

Sometimes the real snakes wear the finest suits.

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