Arch Brown (1928-2009), Canadian franchisee

One of my former customers passed away on Monday.

Arch Brown was a very special man although I only knew him a bit. A gracious man; someone that knew who he was and where he was supposed to be.

A man of service to others, support for the community and education.

When I was morphing from a struggling lawn care franchisee into whatever the hell I am now, I was told the grocery, auto and Canadian Tire franchisees had a good thing going and that only the CT guys had the brains, guts and compassion enough to hold on.

Arch was always fair with me and our chats on his lawn,  I’ll remember them.

Mr. Barrie. Philanthropist. Father. Retired franchisee.

These are just labels. Arch was the real deal.

Everyone knows where Barrie is: It’s the place you go through to get someplace better. We all should grow where we’re planted because landscape…geography matters. That is,  until your ride shows up.

Chay, friend.

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