Charity to your franchisor: Had enough yet?

Almost all franchisees I have met are very generous individuals that know they rely on humans for thier success.

But  everyone’s got their limits and no one wants to be played for a fool.

When the franchisor volunteers them too much, they tend to get a little lippy.

They remember how a few years back they were treated with respect, could expect to be treated fairly and could trust their business partners.

Nowadays, it just seems that it’s all one way.

Someone made the observation that their franchisor wanted to as their advisory council members to spend +20 hours of their time (for free) in reviewing the latest version of their operations manual.

I suggested that every one is free to support whatever charity they want but the Salvation Army was looking for volunteers this Christmas season to man their kettles.

Some hands are extended in gratitude in the true spirit of charity. Others are not.

Faith, hope and charity are basic human characteristics that form an important level of trust in our society. Without basic trust, the wheels of industry would grind to a halt.

Some franchisors think they’re not in the human values business.

They’ll learn.

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