Franchise Propaganda: Choosing to serve power, not Truth

Dealing with brand bullies is tough.

Not only do you have to do your own job, you have to try to separate the lies from truth.

The oldest franchisor trick is to divide-and-conquer by:

  1. spreading half-truths,
  2. promising “we’re really sincere this time”  (no…really),
  3. keep the dollars and “give” back pennies of formerly franchisee margin, and
  4. always delay any concession.

Many predatory franchisors do not want to demonstrate that they are deeply affected by competent franchisee association management. And they’ll certainly never give any credit where credit is due.

They act as if franchisees only have strong backs and weak minds and they come out with many new-found We feel your pain messages that are hollow when it comes to $ .

Want to know how Canadian lawyers think of Franchisees?

Franchisees are:

assets that talk back.

This is a direct quote from a published paper from the 2009 Ontario Bar Association franchise law conference in Toronto last October.

Assets that talk back.


5 Responses to Franchise Propaganda: Choosing to serve power, not Truth

  1. The American Bar Association has no better view of franchisees.

    At the recent Forum on Franchising, Harris Chernow lead a program on Managing Independent Franchisee Associations, which was a general bitch session: good god, these assets talk a lot. Why cannot they just shut up and follow the system.


  2. Les Stewart says:

    It’s more of a cultural/class thing, I often feel. A self-delusion that the words “cynicism” and “sophistication” are the same.

    Franchisees and franchisors are deluded, just the same as we all are, but just in different elements and timeframes. Interspecies predation is a comparatively minor curiosity on the franchise side. Great fun on the obverse.

    Prior knowledge, intent, profit and free will…now that’s the ammonium nitrate/virgin connection! (Frye/Blake Tyrants v. Champions)

    Rhetorically, parallel perhaps to “a white man’s burden” or the Jews as a misfortune, let alone Hadfield’s allusion to cannon fodder.

    A prerequisite to ameliorate infrequently active consciences? There is something very shocking when a flesh-and-bone witness shows up. There have be admonishments to guard against these affect tidal waves but having excised all spiritual Appendices…



  3. Carol Cross says:

    Perspective –Ah yes! The view from the top of the chain and from the bottom of the chain of the big overall system that depends on eating others to, itself, survive! The ABA forum on franchising would, of course, be concerned about independent franchisee associations and the use of the Internet to facilitate conversations between the “assets.”

    It IS true that both franchisors and franchisees are deluded. Both the “new” franchisor and the franchisee of the “new” franchisor face the same grim survival statistics that are known to those at the top of the financial pyramid. Both must be encouraged by the larger “system” to try to beat the grim statistics in order to support the larger system and those at the top of the financial pyramids. Hadfield’s allusion to cannon fodder is not an overstatement!


  4. Les Stewart says:


    It gets worse: the experienced franchisors and their supporters are in an even worse situation.

    Do you remember the character in Lord of the Rings called Gollum? His decisions to serve power changed him. Sam hated him like a child but Frodo understood that Smeagol (Gollum’s innocent name) had a role to play.

    In the end, in the last foot, Smeagol’s corruption was just as important as the ringbearer was.

    Carol: listen to someone invalided from The Great War because of the trench lice.

    It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till. What weather they shall have is not ours to rule. JRR Tolkien

    Our role is not to succeed. We are called to be faith-filled farmers.



  5. Ray Borradale says:

    Damn; and I thought you were going to retire.

    Did anyone wonder if Mr Dillon had a propensity to hang out with franchisors that Canada, and everyone else, was better off without?


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