Is one dose of franchising, one too many?

Franchising is war.

A bloody, stinking, fetid version of trench warfare.

You’re in a battlefield where there are no rules of engagement, no standards of conduct. No prisoners are taken and your life savings are “liberated” once you sign.

Modern franchise warfare succeeds, largely, as a confidence game: deceit and confusion are it’s siren song.

You have to keep your wits about you and keep it in your pants. You can successfully operate on Franchise VD but, unfortunately, the patient always dies on the table (see Quiznos farce).

Don’t sign anything (new or old) no matter how much she pouts, threatens or holds out.

[she’s actually your bitch, btw]   😉

One Response to Is one dose of franchising, one too many?

  1. Carol Cross says:

    All true! And, this farce and fable in the pre-sale of franchises that promises “profits” (outside of the contract) in a business of your own is enabled by law and process that has been manipulated, with the help of government, to always favor the survival of the franchisor and the other special interests who surround franchising.

    What looks so promising and successful on the outside is rotten to the core and the use of the law to conceal the rot is the biggest sin of all.

    When governments pimp for the whores in franchising, who do look clean and honest, like the girl next door, there is no justice for franchisees who have been ruined by the fraud of material omissions in the sale and disclosure process.

    The Quiznos farce was predictable, as indicated Richard Solomon on Blue Mau Mau. What is the purpose of franchising —and what is the purpose of the Big Fish, Blue Mau Mau, who appears to be exposing franchising at the same time they are promoting it to the public?


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