Canada Bread franchisees deliver tremendous value

Who would have thought that the drivers of an enormous, transnational bakery concern would be franchised?

Not me.

But I have learned to be surprised in the +12 years of franchisee advocacy.

I remember getting a tour of their Toronto facilities in the late ’70s as an assistant manager for Temgo Inc., a McDonald’s restaurant franchisee. A good outfit then, I thought.

Now, there are +700 franchisees who deliver, merchandise and manage a 24/7 continuous bakery distribution system to the largest grocery stores, to the smallest volume C-store. This is not an easy task.

This is what Google Finance has to say about Canada Bread Company Limited, CBCL (TSE:CBY):

Canada Bread Company, Limited (Canada Bread) is a manufacturer and distributor of bakery products, frozen par-baked products and pasta and sauces. The Company operates in North America. As at December 31, 2008, Canada Bread was 89.8% owned by Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

As far as the fresh bakery franchisees guys go, the chain of command listed is as follows:

  • Michael H. McCain, Chairman of the Board
  • Richard A. Lan, President, Chief Executive Officer, Non – Independent Director
  • Michael H. Vels, Chief Financial Officer, Director
  • C. Barry McLean, President – Canada Bread Fresh Bakery

I have been working as a consultant to the franchisees for almost a year now.

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  1. Guest says:

    Canada Bread at BMM. No comments must mean control.


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