Franchisees react by fight/flight, then giving up

Fear is the dominant emotion for current franchisees.

Fear of:

  • financial failure,
  • loss of identity,
  • loneliness,
  • extinction,
  • self-worth.

Franchisors are masters at providing the appropriate stimuli to trigger these biochemical responses.

This article is a good start to understanding how others gain control over you even when you rationally know what buttons they are pushing.

When franchisees are repeatedly exposed to the same stimuli, they enter a stage described as numbing by Robert Jay Lifton.

…in trying to understand what Hiroshima survivors were describing to me. They would say such things as, “the bomb fell” — or they would describe the experience they had: “I saw this array of dead and dying people around me. And I saw everything, but suddenly I simply ceased to feel anything.” Some used the metaphor of a photographic plate that was overexposed. It was as though the mind was shut off. And I came to call that psychic numbing.

The solution is to talk it out in a supportive environment.


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