Franchisees are much more powerful than Franchisors, if…

Why do franchisors resist franchisees meeting together?

Because they know something that franchisees fail to appreciate.

A persistent, even half-assed organized group of small fish can influence directly, immediately any sized franchisor.

This is their greatest fear.

But franchisee leaders need time and training to aquire the skills to lead. Frequently, franchisees are not really people that work well in groups or have much experience in them. This skill deficiency is used against them.

Binding these little Pac-Mans together is tough work. It’s too much to expect a franchisee who is risking his own life savings to do everything: legal, website, financial, marketing, fund raising, etc. He or she needs help: from empathetic outside experts and a group of active franchisee volunteers.

Leaders burn out in a matter of months (which makes Big Fishy tres 🙂 )

Think of a politician: For every paid member of a political party, there are probably 500 volunteers doing the non-glamourous but necessary day-to-day activities. They do it because they believe in the principles of democracy.

Each franchisee should realize that they need to volunteer to do the same ($ are only the start).

Rights are not given: They’re taken by groups of little fish from the big fish.


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