Violence happens when justice is consistently denied

What’s a little kidnapping and torture when financial markets seem to be above the rule of law?

Case in point from the EU: Seniors beat up financial adviser with Zimmer frame (ed. Zimmer=walker in U.S., see above).

Beating up a financial adviser with a Zimmer frame is more than the whole of America has managed to do with Wall Street since 1929. Some German pensioners now known as the OAP mob are now heroes and being charged for this bit of “natural regulation”.

The pensioners are claimed to have kidnapped American born adviser James Amburn and allegedly tortured him. They had to stop regularly because they became out of breath. Amburn claims he was chained up in a cellar, and has two broken ribs.

The public’s response to these renegade invesotors?

The OAP mob are also now getting fan mail, according to German police.

When governments are unwilling or unable to enforce regulations, it should come as no surprise that violence rises.

These are the business risks that I assigned to this story in

  1. Extreme losses call for extreme remedies,
  2. Fan mail sent,
  3. Farce,
  4. Income tax evasion,
  5. Justice,
  6. Kidnapping,
  7. Mad as hell, not going to take it anymore,
  8. Natural regulation: Taking enforcement into your own hands,
  9. No justice in legal system,
  10. Russian mafia,
  11. Torture,
  12. Vigilantism, and
  13. Violence

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