Hubris is fatal in any career

Michael Geist has a great column in the Toronto Star called Critics misjudged the power of digital advocacy.

He suggests:

As the group began to take flight, it was surprising to see political leaders and analysts blithely dismiss the relevance of Facebook advocacy. Editorials pointed to other large groups to demonstrate the group’s irrelevance, noting that joining a Facebook group was too easy – just click to join – to mean much of anything.

This represents a shocking underestimation of the power of digital advocacy, which today is an integral part of virtually every political or business advocacy campaign.

Social media used to share information, build a consensus and demonstrate bad faith bargaining? Executives reacting using out-moded models of intimidation and threats?

An air of desperation?

Lots and lots and lots of hubris (arrogance) in both politics and in franchising.

Most people can’t adapt when conditions change because their success has blinded them to a new reality.

They get left behind…

…as they naturally should.


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